Sunday, 13 March 2016

Ultimate Revenue Share

Ultimate Revenue Share : Review and How to Make Money

ultimate revenue share

Ultimate revenue share ( is an advertising revenue share site launched on February 15 2016. The owner of the program is Tom Taylor, a well known and honest online marketer and the owner of wealth4life, a site online since 2004. Members can earn money from the site's revenue share plus daily cash links.

How to Earn at URS (Ultimate Revenue Sharing)
Purchase any of their media packs and get a share of their advertising revenue up to 220% until your media packs mature. In addition there are cash links available to click and view where you can earn anywhere between $0.0025 and $0.01 per link. You can also earn by referring advertisers to the site. Earn 10% commission on every media pack your referred member purchase. The below is the table for different media packs and how you earn from each media pack.

Program Details
The media packs start from as little as $1 per pack. Revenue sharing is a subject of  advertising sales. In other words you can only earn money when there are sales, if there are no sales then there will be eventually no revenue and no revenue sharing.
To maintain site sustainability for long term project, all earnings are split 50/50, i.e 50% of the your earnings goes into your cash balance and the other 50% goes to your re-purchase balance. This re-purchase balance can only be used to purchase advertising packs (media packs).

Media Packs and their Requirements
In order to move to next higher level, a member must have a minimum of 100 active packs at all levels. The below is the details on the media packs and minimum requirements.


Referral Program
Besides earning from media pack purchase, URS (ultimate revenue share) provide a generous referral bonus for those who promote the program and introduce new advertisers to the program. 

They receive a generous 10% commissions on ALL cash purchases by their Level 1 referrals and 5% on purchases with their repurchase balance (2% on their Level 2 referrals  and 1% on purchases with their repurchase balance). 

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal
You can request for a withdrawal when your account balance reaches a minimum of $5. Their maximum withdrawal per day is $120. 

Accepted Payment Processors
CratePay, 2pay4you, Bitcoin, Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, OkPay and SolidTrustPay

This site looks promising and i believe this will be a safe and stable earning platform for years to come. Please join the program by CLICKING HERE and start earning safely.



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